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Lay’s are a PepsiCo “fun-for- you” brand – but no fun for the workers who were warehousing the product for PepsiCo in West Bengal, India in early 2013. They formed a union and registered their organization with the authorities. They were harassed, assaulted by company goons and then 162 union members out of 170 employed in three warehouses were brutally fired.

In response to protests, they were allowed to return to work in May 2013, but under conditions that strip them of their human rights. They were told they can return to work if they declare they will never again join a union, made to sign false statements which they were told were legally binding, and told to cut up their union cards and step on them as they walked into the warehouses.

Workers who resisted these abusive conditions formed an Action Committee and with the support of the IUF are demanding reinstatement, with guarantees they can join or form a union. They have been blacklisted from local employment. With their families, they face extreme economic hardship. Better to renounce your human rights if you want to keep your job?